Setting up a limited company

What does it cost to set up a limited company and how to do it?

Price is one of the main concerns for new entrepreneurs when setting up a limited company. Costs come from a variety of purchases that depend on your business. The cost of filing the incorporation declaration with the Trade Register also depends on the version of the declaration you want. We offer ready-made incorporation packages for setting up a limited company, saving you extra costs!

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Setting up a limited company requires a plan

Whether you are setting up a limited company, a partnership, a limited liability partnership or a cooperative, a well-designed plan lays the foundations for a profitable business. Choosing the right legal form will allow you to grow in the future and avoid the extra work required to move from a limited company to a limited liability company, for example.

Setting up a limited company, alone or with a partner, requires a number of legal requirements, such as articles of association, memorandum and articles of association and VAT registration. In addition to this, it is also worth considering, for example, the shareholders’ agreement, the owners of the company, future YEL insurances and what the company’s short and long-term objectives are.

Osakeyhtiön perustaminen laskelmat ja hinta

When setting up an investment company or limited liability company, our experts will work with you on issues such as:

Initial mapping

All work starts with a high-quality initial survey. These include:

  • The need to register for VAT
  • Registration for input VAT
  • Pre-tax for the first accounting year
  • Need to register as an employer
  • Suitable accounting period for the company
  • Sector of activity and organisation of the company
  • Official documents

Steps after the initial survey

After the initial assessment, we will take care of the important documents and the declaration for setting up the company:

  • Preparing the incorporation agreement
  • Preparation of the incorporation agreement and the incorporation of the company
  • Articles of Association
  • Board minutes for opening a bank account
  • Preparation of the registration form for the incorporation of the company Formation of the register of incorporation of the company

Avoid costly mistakes and ask our experts for direct help! At Tilitoimisto Capital, we have set up dozens of companies with legal and tax issues in mind. Contact us for a quote on the incorporation package and accounting.

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Setting up is now easy!

Now you can rest! We will help you set up a limited company and make sure that all legal requirements are taken into account when setting up. We have put together a range of incorporation packages for you to choose from, whichever suits your future business. Contact us to find out more about our services!

If required, we can also take care of your limited company’s accounting from start to finish.



149€ + VAT

When the company owners are individuals, a limited company is the simplest to set up online. The persons in the company must have Finnish personal IDs and bank IDs. The company is set up in according to the specifications agreed together. The incorporation documents are signed electronically.


249€ + VAT

When the company to be incorporated is owned by a company or foreign persons, the incorporation documents are drawn up and submitted to the PRH on paper.

You will receive a completed package from us within two working days of submitting the necessary information to our expert.

Investment company

399€ + VAT

Setting up an investment company often requires more detailed planning than a more traditional limited company. Setting up an investment company includes a one-hour consultation.

Additional options on packages

Adding an alias: 49€
Light shareholder agreement: 279€
Amendment of Articles of Association: from 99€
Consultation on the choice of company form: from 99€

Campaign for new businesses

Companies registered in 2023 will receive a free one-year Netvisor Professional package. The Professional package starts at 70€/month with VAT 0%.

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Common questions about setting up a limited company

It costs 240€ to make an electronic declaration to the Trade Register and 380€ for a paper declaration. There is no longer a minimum share capital requirement for limited liability companies. However, if you want to set up a public limited company, the minimum share capital is 80 000€.

Even without the minimum share capital requirement, it is advisable to set aside money for the initial purchases and running costs of a limited liability company for at least the first 2-3 months, as it always takes a while for sales to turn into cash. If you want to set up a public limited company, on the other hand, the minimum share capital is 80 000€. Ask our experts for more information on the cost of setting up a limited company.

A new limited liability company must be registered in the joint system of the National Board of Patents and Registration (PRH) and the Tax Administration within three months of signing the contract. To register, you will need the articles of association and the statutes. You will also need an assurance from the board of directors, among others, that the provisions of the Limited Liability Companies Act will be complied with.

If necessary, the limited liability company must also be registered in the Tax Administration’s registers of taxpayers subject to withholding tax, employers’ tax and VAT. In addition, after registration, the company’s beneficiaries must be notified by a separate declaration to the Trade Register.

We will take care of all the documentation for you, so contact our experts and save yourself extra costs!

A limited liability company can be formed either alone or together with other future shareholders. However, to set up a limited liability company alone, a deputy member of the board is required. Otherwise, in the case of sole formation, the shareholders and the board of directors consist of only one person.

If you form a limited liability company on your own, you must have permanent residence in the European Economic Area. If there are several members on the board, at least one of the full members of the board of the limited company you are setting up and one of the alternate members, if any, and the managing director of your company must have their permanent residence in the EEA. Otherwise, they will need to obtain a license from the Patent and Registration Office to hold management and responsibility positions in your company.

The founder of the limited company must also be of legal age. A person under 18 years of age can only form a limited liability company with the consent of a guardian or trustee. A company or other entity can also set up a limited liability company. However, the member of the board of directors and the managing director, if any, must be a natural person.

An investment company is often defined as a limited company that actively invests in listed shares, funds, derivatives, cryptocurrencies, unlisted shares, housing shares, real estate, etc.

Investment companies are also often referred to as holding companies. These are not necessarily exactly the same thing and it is often difficult to draw the line. In most cases, holding companies, as the name implies, passively “hold” investments such as shares in unlisted companies.

lakisääteinen tilintarkastus

Setting up an investment company

In addition to setting up a limited company, we can also help you set up an investment company. Setting up an investment company requires the same steps as setting up a limited company. An investment company is therefore a limited company, subject to the same laws and obligations as a limited company.

Ask our experts for more information on setting up an investment company!


We offer comprehensive services for company formation

What do we need from you?

  • Options for your company name
  • Who owns the company: name, personal identification number or, for companies, business ID number
  • Number of shareholders
  • Names of the director and deputy director and their personal identification numbers
  • Main line of business of the company

What is not included in the start-up package?

Some of the services we offer can be ordered as an additional service:

  • Consultation on the choice of company form
  • PRH fees or other costs for incorporating a company
  • Responding to any requests for clarification from the Tax Administration, for example for registration in the Prepayment Register or the VAT Register.

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