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Tilitoimisto Capital as a company

At Tilitoimisto Capital, we work according to our shared values. Together, we have put together four core values that guide our work:

1. Customer delight and success

Delighting the client means listening to the client and the client’s wishes. In practice, this means that we aim for flawless, collaborative, friendly service. Through our collaborative approach, both parties feel happy that the collaboration is working and that solutions are being achieved. A two-way dialogue builds the basis for a high-quality long-term relationship.

2. Where there is will, there are results

For Capital’s staff, no financial management challenge is a barrier. We believe that where there is a will, there are results, and we are able to find the right solution for our clients. Overcoming challenges and learning new things is one of the biggest motivators, because only change is permanent. Continuous improvement guarantees a professional service offering.

3. Respect for others

As an accountancy firm, we value both our clients and our employees. A good team spirit enables us to recruit the best professionals in the field, who serve their assigned clientele with flexibility and imagination. Our clients’ success guarantees our success!

4. Succeeding together

We believe in succeeding together. At Capital, this means engaging in dialogue with our clients and supporting them as strategic partners. Sharing our strategy helps us to evolve with our clients and to move out of our comfort zone. Success together means sharing the goal with clients and the team.

Founder’s introduction

I have previously worked as a Financial Expert, Business Controller and CFO. I have experience in SMEs in various industries and in a large international industrial company.

Earlier in my career, I was responsible for the internal and external accounting work and development of the financial management together with a team of professionals. I believe in collaboration and an open atmosphere that ensures the success of companies.

I see constant change in the business world as a positive thing and I believe it is important to have a deep understanding of financial management in the role of a consultant. The well-being of our employees and the development of our company culture will ensure the success of Tilitoimisto Capital now and in the future.

Joakim Behl
Partner in Tilitoimisto Capital Oy

Tel. 045 1544 866

A competent and professional service that creates added value for its customers through a successful service experience. I would recommend to all.

Peter Nordström

A reliable accountancy firm for your business! Things are done on time and everything runs smoothly.

The staff is knowledgeable and attentive to your every need. Thank you!

Charlotta Rautio

I received a call from Kim at Capital telling me about their very different accounting firm. I had been thinking about changing accountants for a long time, as I felt I needed financial guidance as well, not just accounting. Kimi assured me that they work differently and we arranged a meeting. It’s been a few months now since we started working together and things are very different. We have drawn up long-term plans, devised different ways to increase turnover and the accounting is done professionally. I really can warmly recommend Capital to anyone, but especially when you need a partner to spar with you on financial matters and you do not intend to hire a financial manager for your company separately.

Marjut Siren / Vivima Oy

Our office is located in Espoo, but we serve our customers all over Finland

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