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What are we like?

We value the different life situations of our employees. We try to organise work so that it fits in smoothly with the rest of your life. Working hours are reasonable, with flexible working patterns to support flexibility. During holidays, we also take care of a colleague’s work so that no one’s return from holiday is a disaster.

Our company has a relaxed atmosphere and a strong team spirit. We want every employee who joins us to achieve their personal career goals and stay with us until retirement. We develop our policies together and everyone has a say in how we do things. In particular, we believe in leading together!

Job vacancies

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Are you an M.Sc., Tradesman or studying for a degree? Do you want to get away from a big and rigid corporation? Or do you already have a longer professional experience in the financial management sector? We are always looking for new financial management professionals. Leave an open application and we’ll be in touch.


Avoimet työpaikat

Oletko KTM, tradenomi tai opiskeletko alan tutkintoa? Haluat pois isosta tilitoimistosta? Sinulla on pitkä työkokemus taloushallintoalalta? Haemme jatkuvasti uusia taloushallinnon osaajia.

Jätä avoin hakemus
  • Remote working

You can work wherever you want. We care about your comfort and well-being.

  • Events

Work doesn’t have to be an obsession. We have many traditional joint celebrations and events!

  • Expert colleagues

We work hard in teams, helping each other and sharing our expertise with colleagues every day. Your work is still autonomous and you get to be an expert on your own initiative.

  • Office

Our office is modern, comfortable and well connected to the city of Espoo.

  • Flexibility

It is possible to adapt your working hours to your life situation.

  • Modern working tools

The tools and systems we use are modern, which makes working comfortable.

Contact us!

Do you still need to sort out your company’s accounts or are you dissatisfied with your current accounting firm? Do you feel that your company’s accounting is complicated and expensive? Don’t worry. We’re here to help you. Bookkeeping is a statutory task that needs to be done accurately and on time.

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