Practitioners – Accounting and financial management services for doctors

Doctors operating as sole practitioners often require accounting services that consider the unique aspects of their field. Tilitoimisto Capital offers expert and reliable financial management services, from bookkeeping to financial statements and taxation, specifically for doctors and other medical practitioners.

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Accounting services for medical practitioners

Our firm specializes in the healthcare sector, providing essential support to medical practitioners both electronically and at our Espoo office.

Electronic bookkeeping saves time and resources, allowing you to focus on your patients and running your business while ensuring up-to-date financial records.

Our experts are well-versed in healthcare accounting and tax laws, staying current with tax authority guidelines. We also offer tax planning services to ensure optimal tax payments.

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100 % customer satisfaction is the key to our success

A strong recommendation! Flexible and professional service. Answers to questions come quickly and you feel you are in capable hands. 100% credit to these guys!

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Tilitoimisto Capital has offered us not only expert accounting, but also valuable help in planning our finances. Communication is excellent, which makes cooperation smooth. Highly recommended!

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Doctors as practitioners: sole proprietorship or limited company?

For doctors, the scope and goals of your practice influence the choice between a sole proprietorship and a limited company. A sole proprietorship is ideal for small-scale operations by a single person. However, if you are a full-time entrepreneur, a limited company offers tax advantages.

Starting out as a doctor entrepreneur? We can help you set up your company, including necessary permits and notifications, and offer a simple setup package for both sole proprietorships and limited companies.

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Automate your invoicing and bookkeeping with Netvisor

We believe that as a practitioner, you deserve the best possible tools and experts to help you run and grow your business. With Netvisor, it is easy to navigate the routines of your finances. You can invoice quickly and easily, process purchase invoices swiftly, and be sure that your company’s financial records are always up to date.

Reliable accounting with years of experience

At Tilitoimisto Capital, we offer our clients a reliable and professional service. The client is always at the heart of what we do, which is also reflected in our values: we aim to create success for our clients through quality service and open dialogue.

Whether you are responsible for accounting for a small or large limited company, a start-up entrepreneur, or a larger corporate group, we will be your accounting partner from start to finish or for specific areas where you feel you need the most help. We believe in success together, which for your business means, above all, a strategic accounting partnership.

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Comprehensive accounting services

Our experts calculate the salaries of your company’s staff and make the necessary declarations to the income register when salaries are paid. This way, you can be sure that salaries are always paid correctly and on time, allowing you to focus on employee well-being and developing your business. Learn more about our payroll processing services.

A ledger is a record of the most important transactions in your company, such as sales and purchases. We keep your sales and purchase ledgers up to date and record them in the bookkeeping accounts. Find out more about our financial management services.

Financial statements are an accurate report of the financial results of your business during the fiscal year, and your company’s assets and liabilities at the balance sheet date. We will have your company’s accounts in order on time and with a professional approach.

Business activities are often subject to statutory reporting requirements. We will work with you to identify the necessary declarations and forward them to the required authorities on time.

You will not need to process a single receipt or invoice manually. We will automate your bookkeeping as much as possible and process your receipts using mobile applications, saving you money and time.

Netvisor’s invoicing software’s features are suitable for both large and small companies. Prices include invoice automation features, accounting automation, and online invoicing. Find out more about the invoicing software.

As your business grows, we can also provide you comprehensive tax planning services and, if necessary, more advanced financial management Business Control or CFO services. Find out more about our expert services.

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Do you still need to sort out your company’s accounts, or are you dissatisfied with your current accounting firm? Do you feel that your company’s accounting is complicated and expensive? Don’t worry. We’re here to help you. Bookkeeping is a statutory task that needs to be done accurately and on time.

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