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Our accounting firm expertly and reliably handles the bookkeeping, financial statements, and tax advice for your online store. We offer financial management services to online stores face-to-face in Espoo and digitally throughout Finland.

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Real-time accounting and financial statements for online stores

Bookkeeping for online stores can be time-consuming due to the large number of sales transactions. Additionally, running an ecommerce business involves large amounts of time spent on customer service, order processing, and marketing. By choosing a competent accounting firm, you can save time and money and avoid potential errors that may result in penalties from the tax authorities.

Our professionals specialize in ecommerce accounting, ensuring that all necessary payments and notifications are handled in a timely fashion. Netvisor electronic accounting software enables real-time business monitoring, making running daily business tasks easier for entrepreneurs and supporting decision-making.

Comprehensive accounting services

Our experts calculate the salaries of your company’s staff and make the necessary declarations to the income register when salaries are paid. This way, you can be sure that salaries are always paid correctly and on time, allowing you to focus on employee well-being and developing your business. Learn more about our payroll processing services.

: A ledger is a record of the most important transactions in your company, such as sales and purchases. We keep your sales and purchase ledgers up to date and record them in the bookkeeping accounts. Find out more about our financial management services.

Financial statements are an accurate report of the financial results of your business during the fiscal year, and your company’s assets and liabilities at the balance sheet date. We will have your company’s accounts in order on time and with a professional approach.

Business activities are often subject to statutory reporting requirements. We will work with you to identify the necessary declarations and forward them to the required authorities on time.

You will not need to process a single receipt or invoice manually. We will automate your bookkeeping as much as possible and process your receipts using mobile applications, saving you money and time.

Netvisor’s invoicing software’s features are suitable for both large and small companies. Prices include invoice automation features, accounting automation, and online invoicing. Find out more about the invoicing software.

As your business grows, we can also provide you comprehensive tax planning services and, if necessary, more advanced financial management Business Control or CFO services. Find out more about our expert services.

Help with establishing an online store

Setting up an ecommerce business is a relatively quick and easy process, but in the midst of fast-moving schedules not every business owner remembers to consult an accounting firm during the set-up process. Our experts can help you with establishing new businesses, expanding into online business, and understanding the requirements for operating abroad.

Choosing the right partner for your accounting needs from the beginning helps avoid potential errors and extra costs. We review your business processes together with you to understand your revenue and expense streams, ensuring you get the reports you need and measure the right metrics from the beginning.

Our accounting firm is here to assist you at every stage. Request a tailored quote from our experts now!

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Ecommerce taxation and VAT

In online store accounting, attention must be paid to Value Added Tax (VAT). In Finland, some products have reduced VAT rates, such as food, books, sports services, and newspapers. Always ensure the correct VAT rate before launching your online store.

In addition, many Finnish ecommerce businesses have been expanding sales abroad. This introduces tax and accounting challenges, as each country has its own VAT rates, which must be accounted for in bookkeeping and sales records. Whether the goods are sold within the EU also affects how they are processed. Our accounting firm provides guidance and information for every situation from an accounting perspective.

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