Accounting for large and small businesses

Together with the Netvisor accounting software, we manage your company’s accounting with 97% automation. Automation speeds up your accounting processes, so you can easily save on accounting costs. As an expert accounting firm, we offer accounting services for both small and large companies with years of experience!

Netvisor free of charge for one year for new businesses! Have you founded your company in 2024? Get Netvisor accounting software free of charge for a year! Regular monthly fee starting from 18 €/month.

Take control of your company’s accounting with Tilitoimisto Capital

We offer high quality accounting services for large and small businesses at a flexible monthly price. If you wish, we can handle your accounting from start to finish with your chosen accounting software or assist you in the areas you need. You decide on the scope and content of the accounting service and we will provide you with an offer that meets your needs!

Netvisor is one of the most widely used financial management software, perfectly suited to the needs of businesses of all sizes. Sharing financial management software with Tilitoimisto Capital enables flexible and real-time accounting. You can delegate as much of your accounting to our experts as you wish.

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Bookkeeping in conjunction with an accounting office

With our accountancy firm, you have the flexibility to agree which accounting and financial management processes you want to handle yourself and which tasks you want us to handle for you. Regardless of the division of labour, information is always transferred electronically and automatically, regardless of location.

How are problems solved?

We want to be honest. Sometimes situations arise where an expense or entry is unclear. With Netvisor, you can work through the problem with us by looking at the same view and delving into the information you need. An understanding and solution can be found quickly, saving you time for other work.

Up-to-date reporting at all times

Real-time accounting enables reporting that benefits your business. You always have up-to-date information on your company’s cash flow and financial situation. The scalable accounting software provides a wide range of options for tracking and delivering the reports you need. As your accounting firm, we always ensure the accuracy of your reports.

100% paperless process

No more manual processing of a single receipt or invoice. We automate your accounting as much as possible to save your business costs and agilely process your receipts with our mobile apps. Take a picture, enter the data and transfer to your accountant. Could your bookkeeping be any easier?

Accounting package price list

We have put together four ready-to-use financial management and accounting price lists, from which you can choose the most suitable package for you. Now you can easily get Netvisor accounting software and the level of accounting maintenance you need from one place.

Take a look at the packages, contact us and request a quote for the one you want!

Prices do not include the cost of the accounting software.



Electronic statutory accounting for small or start-up businesses by an in-house expert



Statutory financial management services for companies subject to audit



Drawing up of budgets and budgets in accordance with the company’s objectives. Face-to-face meeting to go over the figures on a quarterly basis.



Outsourcing of the entire financial management of your company. The service is tailored to the client’s needs.


Netvisor for one year free of charge for new businesses!

Are you setting up your business in 2023? Get Netvisor accounting software free of charge for a year! Contact us and take advantage of the versatile benefits of an easy accounting start-up.

Netvisor accounting software monthly fee



Electronic accounting for small businesses with few sales and purchase invoices



The core functions of automated financial management. Sales, purchases and accounting.



Full automation of financial management. Sales and purchase orders and modern software interface.



Full financial automation, inventory management and extensive product management.


Reliable accounting with years of experience

At Tilitoimisto Capital, we offer our clients a reliable and professional service. The client is always at the centre, which is also reflected in our values: we aim to create success for our clients through quality service and open dialogue.

Whether you are an accountant for a small or large limited company, a start-up entrepreneur or a larger corporate group, we will be your accounting partner from start to finish or for specific areas where you feel you need the most help. We believe in success together, which for your business means, above all, a strategic accounting partnership.


Comprehensive accounting services

Our experts will calculate the salaries of your company’s staff and make the necessary declarations to the Incomes Register when paying salaries. You can be sure that salaries are always paid correctly and on time, allowing you to focus on staff welfare and job development. Find out more about our payroll services.

A ledger is a record of the most important transactions in a company, such as sales and purchases. We keep your sales and purchase ledgers up to date and export them to your accounting accounts. Find out more about our financial management services.

Financial statements are an accurate report on the results of your business during the financial year and your company’s assets and liabilities at the balance sheet date. We’ll get your company’s accounts in order on time and with a professional approach.

Business activities are often subject to statutory reporting requirements. We will work with you to identify the necessary declarations and forward them to the required authorities on time.

No receipt or invoice needs to be processed manually. We automate your accounting as much as possible to save your business costs and agilely process your receipts with our mobile apps.

Netvisor’s invoicing software features are suitable for both large and small businesses. Prices include invoice automation features, accounting automation and online invoicing. Find out more about the invoicing software.

As your business grows, we can also provide your business with comprehensive tax planning and, if required, more advanced financial management Business Control or CFO services. Find out more about our specialist services.

In line with our values, customer satisfaction and flexible accounting services are the road to success

The service has been efficient and we have received everything we need.

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A strong recommendation! Flexible and professional service. Answers to questions come quickly and you feel you are in capable hands. 100% credit to these guys!

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I find the service you provide to be absolutely exceptional: it is personal, innovative, knowledgeable, pursues the best interests of the customer, reliable, heartfelt, honest, unique. You are my right hand, I couldn’t survive without you. And all this at a good price. Really, thank you for everything.

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Save time

and forget the manual accounting steps

Up-to-date and reliable accounting

The experts at Tilitoimisto Capital will do your bookkeeping with Visma Netvisor accounting software. The work of the software and the expert will create an up-to-date accounting system for your company. Netvisor has ready-made connections to all Finnish banks. The program reconciles payments, sends payments and collects statements for you.

Automatic vouchers

Vouchers for sales, purchase and payroll transactions are generated without manual entry. Also, transactions made in accounting periods, rollovers and cost processing are automatically transferred to the electronic accounting system.


Get a free trial of Netvisor in just a few minutes

It’s now easy to try Netvisor free of charge for 30 days. We’ll show you the features of the software and guide you through setting up your accounting software. Alternatively, we can take care of the implementation and setup for you! Contact us to request a demo of the software.


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Do you still need to sort out your company’s accounts or are you dissatisfied with your current accounting firm? Do you feel that your company’s accounting is complicated and expensive? Don’t worry. We’re here to help you. Bookkeeping is a statutory task that needs to be done accurately and on time.

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