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By using a modern financial management system and employing financial professionals in your business, you create a solid foundation for business growth. Established in 2023, you can now access Netvisor financial management software for 12 months at no monthly fee!


Save at least €840 when you choose Netvisor!

We understand that a new business is small at the beginning and that the cash register is still small. You’ll have access to Netvisor for 12 months with no fixed monthly fee from the month you start. You only pay transaction fees based on your usage.

What does the benefit include and what do you get in return?

The free 12-month period includes the Netvisor Professional package (norm. 70€/month), which includes billing, accounting, financial automation features and handy mobile apps, among others. Use the right tools for the right job. Contact us to request a presentation from an expert at Tilitoimisto Capital!


Mitä etu sisältää ja mitä saat vastineeksi?

Etuun kuuluu Netvisorin Professional-paketti, joka sisältää muun muassa laskutuksen, kirjanpidon, taloushallinnon automaatio-ominaisuudet ja kätevät mobiilisovellukset. Käytä oikeita työkaluja oikeaan työtön.

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Why do we recommend the market-leading accounting software?

Time-saving automation

In the early stages of your business, it pays to save time for productive work and automate your financial management as much as possible. With our experts and software, invoicing is handled quickly and you have real-time monitoring of invoice payments.

Doing it smart from the start

In the early stages of your business, it’s not worth saving on accounting and trying to do your bookkeeping in Excel or with freeware, for example. With modern software, you don’t spend your time crunching numbers and transferring data, you can focus on your business. Planning for the future is easier when you have real-time financial information to work with.

Contents of the Netvisor Professional package

Netvisor is your financial management assistant. You get all the features you need to run a modern business and automate your financial management routines.

  • Accounting features and automatic document import
  • Sales invoicing
  • Purchase invoicing
  • Budgeting and graphical reporting

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A reliable accounting firm for your business! Things are done on time and everything runs smoothly.

The staff is knowledgeable and takes into account every need of the client. Thank you!

Charlotta Rautio

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