Visma Netvisor payroll software

The payroll software of the future, Netvisor and the experts at Tilitoimisto Capital make it quick and easy to manage your company’s payroll.

Our experts will take care of everything related to your company’s payroll

Our experts will calculate the salaries of your company’s staff, which we will then automatically report to the Incomes Register via the electronic system when the salary is paid. You can be sure that your salaries are always paid correctly and on time, allowing you to focus on staff welfare and job development.

What about the entrepreneur’s salary?

Netvisor payroll software makes it easy to pay your entrepreneur’s salary. The supporting documents required to pay your salary are automatically generated in the software, so you can concentrate on your business.

Ready-made and customisable salary models for different industries

Our experts use ready-made salary models for monthly and hourly salary calculations, saving your company resources. The payroll templates are easily customisable and replicable.

What is KTA calculation?

KTA stands for cookie-cutter hourly rate. The calculation of average hourly earnings in the background of the payroll is done smoothly in Netvisor. The KTA calculation can be carried out for several different periods.

Holiday calculation

With Netvisor, our experts calculate holiday pay efficiently and easily keep your company’s holiday accruals up to date. Versatile reporting makes it easier to keep track of your holiday payroll situation. More automation, less costs.

Payroll approval

If you have employees, you can approve their salaries in one place, securely within the system. Speed and auditability bring big benefits.

The staff at Tilitoimisto Capital have a very down-to-earth approach to their client relationships, I feel that we have become partners with a genuine desire on both sides to grow the business, integrate the economy, and achieve dreams that I could not have achieved without the services of Joakim and Tilitoimisto Capital. I genuinely recommend the services of Tilitoimisto Capital Oy to every business.

Heidi Kytö / Kotosalon Oy

A strong recommendation! Flexible and professional service. Answers to questions come quickly and you feel you are in capable hands. 100% credit to these guys!

Värinä Oy

I consider the service you provide to be absolutely exceptional: it is personal, innovative, professional, pursues the customer’s best interests, reliable, heartfelt, honest, unique. You are my right hand, I couldn’t survive without you. And all this at a good price. Really, thank you for everything.

Milena Jigulina Oy

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