Financial management of a growing business

Looking for sustainable growth? Our accounting firm together with Netvisor will create the conditions for your business to succeed!

Tilitoimisto Capital is the right choice for growth companies and startups. We offer customized accounting services with the flexibility to meet the needs of growing businesses. Contact us for a quote!


Integrate your core software with Netvisor

Economic BI and reporting

Our experts easily combine Netvisor financial data with market-leading BI solutions to meet your business needs. We can integrate Power BI, Finazilla or Fuusor, for example. By linking Netvisor to CRM and ERP systems, you can provide your company with a reliable cash flow statement that takes all external sources into account.

Payroll HRM interfaces

Our experts use payroll systems that communicate in real time with HRM software. The basic solution is the import of working time data into payroll and cost allocation.

You can integrate Bezala, Lenio, for example, and Quinyx or for shift planning and TES interpretation with Netvisor.

CRM and ERP integrations

Seamless information flow in purchasing and sales processes: direct connection to customer relationship management and ERP.

The basic solution includes the import of sales invoices and customer data. In terms of purchase ledger automation, the seamless import of purchase orders into Netvisor, for example, has gained popularity in recent years.

For CRM, you can integrate Salesforce, for example, into Netvisor. Implemented ERP interfaces include CGI Powered and Solteq MERX.

How do you sign contracts today? Visma Sign is the answer to your question

The integration between Netvisor and Visma Sign is seamless. There is both a built-in service and a broader integration of contract management. Contact our experts and ask for a demonstration of the possibilities Visma Sign brings!


Want to outsource your Controller services? Financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting for your business all from one software and one expert

When you don’t want to wait for last month’s report anymore, but want the information in real time. Our experts combine their expertise with Netvisor to bring your business all the metrics in real time. Check out our Business Controller services and contact our sales team!

Choose a financial management system that works effortlessly

Tilitoimisto Capitals experienced financial management experts will take care of your company’s accounting with quality and reliability. Our staff is a pleasure to deal with, as we speak the same business language as the entrepreneur. 

Netvisor is a financial management software that is perfectly suited to the needs of a growth company. Netvisor offers the best connectivity on the market, giving you access to leading BI solutions and over 200 other integrations across all industries. Our experts help your business grow with clarity. 

Our company’s staff has a desire to delight with customer-focused service. High quality and up-to-date accounting, combined with business development, is our accounting firm’s key competency. We tailor our financial management services to your business needs. When your company’s financial management works effortlessly, you can focus on your core business.

The service has been efficient and we have received everything we need.

Fiksusähkö Oy

Accounting firm Capital has provided us with not only expert accounting services, but also valuable assistance with financial planning. Communication is excellent, which makes working with us smooth. A strong recommendation!

Kobra Entertainment Oy

I find the service you provide to be absolutely exceptional: it is personal, innovative, knowledgeable, pursues the best interests of the customer, reliable, heartfelt, honest, unique. You are my right hand, I couldn’t survive without you. And all this at a good price. Really, thank you for everything.

Milena Jigulina Oy

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