Business Controller services

Our part-time business controller service is designed to help companies that do not yet need a full-time financial controller, but need to develop and budget their business finances and processes.


What does the Business Controller service include?

  • Business Controller prepares a budget for your business on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis
  • Active budget vs. performance monitoring
  • Tailored reporting for your business
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Continuous improvement of reporting

Flexible and efficient

The Business Controller service is a flexible and cost-effective way to get a financial expert in your business.

Our experts have many years of experience in various industries and financial management. The ability to understand your business and integrate its different aspects is the greatest benefit our Business Controllers bring.

What are the benefits of a part-time Business Controller?

  • A skilled Controller creates a strong foundation for the company’s business and profitable growth
  • The company gets access to a Controller in a cost-effective way, taking into account the company’s needs and situation
  • Freeing up management resources for more strategic and productive work


The service has been efficient and we have received everything we need.

Fiksusähkö Oy

A strong recommendation! Flexible and professional service. Answers to questions come quickly and you feel you are in capable hands. 100% credit to these guys!

Värinä Oy

I find the service you provide to be absolutely exceptional: it is personal, innovative, knowledgeable, pursues the best interests of the customer, reliable, heartfelt, honest, unique. You are my right hand, I couldn’t survive without you. And all this at a good price. Really, thank you for everything.

Milena Jigulina Oy

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